Markets and Cargoes

Jumbo’s reliability, efficiency and top class engineering capabilities enable us to serve clients in a variety of markets and handle a wide range of cargo types. Every piece of heavy lift cargo is unique and has its own specific project characteristics, it is therefore given its own special lifting, stowing and lashing care.

Heavy lift vessel Jumbo Javelin loads EMAS reels in Vung Tau Vietnam

Oil and Gas Offshore

Jumbo offers T&I competent and cost-effective solutions for Oil and Gas Offshore projects.

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Jumbo Heavy lift Vessel loads LNG equipment

Liquid Natural Gas

Jumbo offers safe and efficient handling and transporting oversized heavy cargo that requires stability and lifting height.

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Jumbo Javelin loads cargo for Sadara Intergrated Chemical Complex at Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Refinery and Petrochemical

Jumbo’s focus on customer needs means managing each shipment as a project with dedicated engineer(s) and port captain and adetailed logistics plan that ensures timely cargo delivery and saving costs.

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Jumbo Heavy lift Vessel Fairpartner transports Monopiles

Power generation and Renewables

The power generation sector is responsible for the global growth of energy. Among the different sources of power, nuclear and hydro are becoming more important, requiring steam generators, engines and condensers to be delivered to the plants’ construction sites.

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Jumbo heavy lift vessel installs wharfdeck in Australia for Wiggins Island Coal Terminal

Port Construction and Infrastructure

With our vessels ability to enter shallow draft ports Jumbo successfully implements modules installation from a shallow coastline to deeper water.

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Two Jumbo Heavy lift vessels in Australia


Jumbo’s extensive experience and innovative engineering solutions ensure ship(un)loaders and conveyors’ timely delivery and smooth discharge operation.

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Jumbo Heavy lift vessel Loads a minehunter in Altamira Mexico


Floating cargo has unique characteristics and Jumbo is fully equipped to provide all the special lifting, stowing and lashing required.

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Heavy lift vessel Jumbo Spirit loads Liebherr crane in Croatia


Jumbo transports Cranes to almost any port, fully assembled.

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Jumbo Javelin installs module in Brasil


Jumbo's heavy lift vessels can transport bulky and heavy modules from a manufacturing facility to a construction site. 

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Jumbo heavy lift vessel loads a train

Rolling Stock

Jumbo has a long history in transporting rolling stock.

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