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Jumbo Safety Induction Video

At Jumbo, safety is paramount. Nothing is more important to us than protecting the safety of our visitors and employees. We want you to Stay Well.

To make sure you are familiar with the working environment on board our vessels, we invite you to watch our safety induction video.

When on board we expect you to: 
•             Obey the rules, procedures and instructions 
•             Intervene when people are at risk 
•             Show respect for each other and the environment 

If it doesn’t feel right: STOP! – STAY WELL

Stay Well is Jumbo’s safety awareness programme. It is an in-house developed initiative to train and educate both office and fleet personnel on safety issues and awareness. The programme was developed in 2005 and it defines the way Jumbo works. Jumbo meets the industry safety standards and takes them a step further.


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